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Who We Are

We have clothing for all occasions and people from different cultural backgrounds. Our team will carefully choose the right clothes so you don't have to! We have clothing for women to suit their different body types.

Veda Clothing journey dates back to 2015. In these 5 years we have become the largest rental apparels store in Gurgaon.

Veda Clothing is the largest rental apparels store in Gurgaon that has recently launched an unlimited rentals clothes for men and women. You can wear as many clothes as you want with this new plan so live your life with no worries about clothes anymore!

We are here to solve every clothing problem you may have! We provide quality apparels so that you can dress better which will ultimately help up bring out the best version of yourself.

by Kshitij Arora – CEO

My name is
- Kshitij Arora

Our Founder

With the aim of making fashionable expensive clothes available at affordable prices we came up with this idea of renting of designer wear clothes and hence founded Veda Clothing – Ethnic Wear Rental Store.